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The Derma Wand Review

derma wandThe Derma Wand has received a great deal of press recently, so I decided to try it out and see if this skin care tool lived up to the hype. The idea behind this Derma Wand is that by increasing circulation and oxygen under the dermal layers of the skin, you can get a fresher, more youthful glow. Further, the Derma Wand claims to have the ability to reduce wrinkles and smooth out the complexion. It makes sense, but I only believe something when I see it for myself, so I tried it out for a month and the review follows below.

I must say, I was impressed with the results over all. I found that it reduced the appearance of some of my wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. It didn't make them disappear, but there was definite tightening that occurred and I was surprised at how much they had reduced. But, more importantly, the Derma Wand really helped with the discoloration underneath my eyes (crow's feet). It is my understanding that over time, the effects improve and I have only used it for about a month, so I expect to see even more results in the coming weeks. I have tried a number of other skin care tools and found the Derma Wand to be the easiest and most simple to use. I love the fact that it is portable and only requires a few minutes a day of use.

So, how does the Derma Wand work? It is an instrument that use high frequency electrical current to generate activated oxygen to help reduce wrinkles and to stimulate the skin. It generates enriched oxygen, and oxygen kills bacteria. The high-frequency current gently stimulates, purifies and exfoliates the skin as it improves blood flow in the treated areas. High-frequency current has also been shown to increase the absorption and penetration of products into your skin, making them more effective, along with increased production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

High-frequency current was discovered in the 1800's by Nikola Tesla. Its anti-bacterial effect and other health benefits were noted, and it was used to treat strep throat and other infections before the advent of 'modern' antibiotics. In the 1970's, European salons discovered the cosmetic and healing benefits of high frequency electrical stimulation on the skin, and by the 1980's, it was being used in North America . When this technology was introduced, the instruments were large and expensive, and so were the treatments. Several years ago, it was condensed into an affordable handheld device that clients could take home to augment and extend their clinical treatments for even more effective and dramatic results.

The Derma Wand has a stippling activity which is like hundreds of fingers patting the skins surface at 10,000 cycles per second. This activity provides a gentle exfoliation, and stimulates blood flow, and the production of collagen and elastin. The result is plumper, firmer skin.

The Derma Wand promotes a deeper penetration of skin care product, causing a marked difference, compared to using wrinkle creams alone. When moisturizers penetrate into the skin they can nourish deeper into the tissue and cause a cushioning effect. The Derma Wand also produces enriched oxygen, which naturally purifies the skin, much like a natural and a non-invasive exfoliation. This mild exfoliation leaves the skin more receptive to moisturizers or wrinkle creams. When using the Derma Wand for about 1 minute before applying any products, more debris is eliminated and our products work more effectively. Instead of debris lingering in the skin tissue, moisturizer is taking its place.

As we age, our skin gets thinner, so it's more fragile and vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles. By the age of 40, we experience a 60% increase in lines and wrinkles -- women more so than men. Using Derma Wand in conjunction with a moisturizer doubles the cushioning effect. First, it penetrates the product further into the skin; Second, it enhances circulation to the area and bringing more live fresh cells to help to restructure the creased areas. Even after just one treatment, you will see a difference. The Derma Wand increases the blood flow, re-textures the surface, aids lymphatic drainage, and firms and tones the skin. The enriched oxygen breathes new life into tired, aging skin, giving it a youthful glow.

The Derma Wand imitates hundreds of tiny fingers patting the skin's surface at 10,000 cycles per second can aid in decongesting puffy and saggy eyes and help to eliminate the dark circles. Creams and lotions do not have an "activity function," and are applied superficially, often with very limited response. To create a more firmed appearance and diminish the appearance of swelling, an activity must take place. The Derma Wand's pulsing action helps disperse the excess fluid, while increasing blood circulation in the area.

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